Project Runway.


As much as ours is a reputation for being stylish, defining trends and always being the best dressed in the room, when it comes to stomping it down the wedding aisle, we freeze. Turns out, some of us have a hard time turning it out for our big day. So, here are some things to consider when deciding what to wear!

It's your wedding and you'll wear what you want to.

It is as simple as that. No matter what’s on trend, what your wedding concept is and what anyone’s opinion might be, you should (and will) wear whatever is going to make you feel your best, help you be most present and, sure, guarantee you look like ten million bucks. Luxe or lax, you need to be your most “you” in order to look your best “you”.

To Garanimal or not to Garanimal.

This tip certainly dates some of us at Men’s Vows! If you’re not familiar with the 70s mega-fashion brand that taught a generation of boys how to match their clothes, then think about this tip as whether you should match your husband-to-be as you stride down the aisle.

And, our simple view on this is: don’t match, do complement. While you two are becoming one, you still remain individuals; individuals who feel good in a particular look, fit or color! Rather than match your whole outfit, coordinate a part of your outfit. The part you coordinate could be as "big" as the suit or tux. You can each wear the same one, while wearing a different tie or one of you dons a vest. Or, that part could be a pattern, with you each wearing a suit in the same pattern, but different color. Or, that part could be a palette (range of colors), with each of you assembling a unique look that is a surprise for the other the moment you see each other at the aisle.

Get thee to a tailor.

No matter what you decide to wear, make sure that you tailor to perfection every element of your ensemble. There’s nothing like wearing a suit, shirt and even tie made specifically for you or altered to fit ideally.

You can build perfection from scratch and custom make your clothes. Or, you can sculpt perfection by having clothes you buy off the rack tailored. The money you will spend on tailoring will come back to you in spades in how you feel and how you look.

Every major brand and retailer provides tailoring service, sometimes for free. And, every town has a competent tailor.

Please take a look at the Men's Vows Wardrobe board on Pinterest for examples of these tips in action.