Location, Location, Location!


Home game or away game? That is the question. Where you choose to host your wedding is a decision to take your time with. It is a big one as it influences so many things: budget, style, guest list and overall experience.

Staying close to home for your big day can make for a more authentic feeling, one where you and your guests get to experience the place that you and your fella call, well… home. Your nearby friends and family can be called upon to host events or guests. And, using local partners is a generous way of supporting your community as it supports you.

Further afield, your wedding becomes both an event and a vacation! Beach or mountainside, the destination says a lot about you, your story and your interests. You get to focus even more on yourselves and your wedding, while your guests vow to remain BFFs long after they’ve experience your love atop a mountain. And, while they are slightly more complicated logistically, depending on the locale, your contributions leave as much of a mark on the place, as it will on you.

Spend time thinking about how you want your wedding location to tell your story, create a unique experience or offer a basis for your wedding theme. Because, where you wed says as much about you as how you wed!