Giving vs. Receiving


Let’s face it, as much fun as it is be to open a tractor-trailer full of freshly wrapped presents, gifts just may not be what you really need. We know your passion for dinner parties, but how many gravy boats do a couple of guys actually need? There is an alternative to receiving a mountain of tissue paper, endless yards of grosgrain ribbon and enough boxes to fill every recycle bin in a ten-block radius.

Charitable giving. Yes, we said it. There are countless not-for-profit organizations that we know have been or are important to you. Or should be. If you've not yet found an organization and cause to support, your wedding is the perfect opportunity. Find organizations that you believe in and spend some time researching their mission, what and whom they serve. Better yet, spend some time volunteering for the group to fully appreciate what your and your guests' generosity will support.

List the charity and cause on your wedding website and specifically how the donations will be used. Your registry is a terrific way to begin your legacy of giving as a couple. It will make a difference to the organization and allow your guests to discover what is important to you as you begin your new life together.

Besides, a gravy boat is only as good as the gravy inside.