There are few icons of celebration that are as recognizable as the champagne flute. You see one and you instantly know that something special is afoot. 

But, more and more sommeliers are advising people to drink their bubbly out of a... gasp.... white wine glass

Well, to be clear, the advice is to eschew the flute when the champagne is a fine one. The wider wine glass emphasizes the aroma and the fizz better. Sparkling wines, prosecco, cava and less complex champagnes still benefit from the flute that helps concentrate the bubbles and keeps them chilled longer. 

And, if like us, you find the death knell of the champagne flute impossible to hear, turn your ear to Dom Perignon's Chef de Cave, quoted in this article. If the Don of Dom is ringing the bell, we have to listen. 

Let's raise a glass to the flute.