Having said "I do" on high, your choice for a honeymoon destination might still want to be in keeping with that Brokeback vibe. Here are a couple of our favorite resorts to consider for your a rugged, mountain-man honeymoon. 

The Resort at Paws Up. 

Paws Up puts the glam in glamping. In one of Montana's most beautiful settings, Paws Up delivers every possible camping experience you could want: from big timber style homes to straight up pup-tent campgrounds. However, all are delivered to a standard of luxury even a French monarch would thrill to. 

And, while the two of you might be too focused on perfecting one particular activity together, should you want to see the light of day, Paws Up has everything you could possibly want to do under the Big Sky. You can spend your days wagon team driving, competing in grizzlyman fitness drills, rappelling, hot air ballooning and much, much more. 

And, once you've fully embodied your now-not-inner mountain men, head to the spa and the five-star restaurants for that added pampering that only mountain men of a particular ilk expect and enjoy! 

Camping in Denali National Park, Alaska

If thread count isn't your thing, but GoreTex is, then pitch a tent (ahem!?) in the glory that is Denali National Park, and in particular, Wonder Lake. Take in the majestic views of Mount McKinley wrapped in the arms of your newly minted husband, and Patagonia fleece. 

We love the idea of you two communing with nature and creating your own adventures hiking, canoeing and biking towards becoming one with each other and with Mother Nature. The Denali Outdoor Center can be your place for activities and socializing. 

And, if a all-tent-honeymoon is a bit too rugged for you, get your pamper back on at the Denali Backcountry Lodge. 

Denali National Park is tucked far away in Alaska which will make for a truly secluded and romantic get-away following your trip down the aisle.