When prepping your skin for your wedding day, there are two approaches to take. The inside out approach in which you embark on a dietary change or cleanse (as we wrote about in our piece on the Standard Process Purification Program) to the great benefit of your skin. 

The second approach is outside in where you get yourself to any one of these amazing facialists in NYC, LA, Chicago, Toronto and Mexico City. Best part about these folks is you don't have to be engaged to go benefit from their facial magic! 

In NYC and LA, the only place to go is The Face Place. Our Editor-in-Chief is a regular along with some of Hollywood's most iconic celebs. Their process uses very low electric current to stimulate the collagen in the face. The experience feels medical and serious , and the results are outstanding. 

If you're headed to or living in Chicago, we are a fan of Buff Beauty, a facial spa created by two professional make-up artists. It is off-the-beaten path, but the Caudal Vinothérapie facials regenerate moisture levels through massage and accelerate cellular renewal.  

Bode Spa in Toronto is the only spa here focused solely on men. The products, services and experts are all centered on the particularities of a guy's skin. We'd make a special trip to Toronto to spend the day with the team at Bode not only for the face, but the back, claws and paws, too! 

The only place to go in Mexico City for a facial is the Aurora Spa at the Las Alcobas hotel, Mexico City's top hotel. Not only is the environment beyond compare, the their treatments using all sorts of Mexican and international botanicals transports the body and transforms the skin.