One of the many marriage traditions that male couples are redefining is naming. 

Women, since the dawn of marriage, have been expected to, if not required to, take on their husband's last name. Historically, this was down to the astonishing and thankfully outmoded belief that women were property. Leaving their father's home (and thus name) for her husband's home and name, required that women leave behind their sense of origin and identity, ultimately in service of the couple's children. 

Progressive beliefs dating back to as early as the mid-1800's and feminist pioneer, Lucy Stone, led women to "taking back their name" and ushering in the era of couples with different last names, children with hyphenated names and families inventing new last names altogether. In a wonderfully circular manner, women have expanded the options for gay men as they decide what married name to take for themselves and then bestow on their children. 

Naming expert Kelly Utt-Grubb has put forward 10 compelling questions to help couples think about naming. Once you've considered these questions, you can turn to her enterprise, The Name and I for help in creating a real name for yourself in marriage!