From on demand fitness to variety in the bedroom, we're going to make indoor winter fitness easy with these simple tips! 


Daily BurnWithout ever leaving the comforts of your own home, this fitness app & streaming service grants you access to over 600 on demand workouts brought to you by expert trainers, plus tailored individual programs. Whether you have 15 minutes to kill before a night out on the town, or an hour after work - this affordable & easy fitness program is sure to meet all your needs (and 2017 goals).

Core de Force by Beach Body: Similar to Daily Burn's program, Core De Force will have you sweating & burning a fierce amount of calories right in your living room. No equipment required, this 30 day program combines boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai moves and cardio blasts. We hear all experience levels are welcome and results are guaranteed. When you finish that challenge, pick another Beach Body workout ranging from yoga on the mat to 20 minute core workouts on demand. 

FitbitWhile the Fitbit may be old news to some, there's never a better time to get your body moving than when you've spent the winter in hibernation mode. From tracking your individual steps and participating in group challenges, you'll quickly see the pounds shed when the desire to hit your daily goals becomes routine. The testimonials don't seem to lie & neither will your hips when you keep your bod moving this winter season!

Sex: You're welcome. You've got our permission to count what you do in the bedroom as part of your fitness routine. According to Men's Fitness, different positions burn different amounts of calories. This Sex Calculator determines the amount of calories you and your partner burned during your last rendezvous.