You've FlyWheel'd. You've Pilate'd. One year you jumped rope and another you even pole danced. No matter the year, come January 1st we've all hopped on to that fitness trend that is going to help us shed the holiday cheer and avoid the new year jeer. 

So, what's in store for us this year? Here's how you're gonna sweat in 2017. 

Hybrid workouts: This year we are going to pair intense physical workouts with intense mediation sessions. Yep: take one part Pilates and one part transcendental meditation (TM). Or, how about one part high intensity interval training (HIIT) and one part mindfulness? We are all for gettin' swole (a decidedly 2016 condition) and gettin' all deep by pairing hard workouts for the body and "work downs" for the mind. 

Slacklining: We know you've always wanted to do your best imitation of "Man on a Wire," but who has time to string a tight rope between two high rises? Well, this year it is going to be as simple as tying a webbed strip between two trees in a park or two posts in the gym and walking from tree or post A to tree or post B. The secret is to make sure the "line is slack" so that you are maximizing your balance and engaging your full body in this workout

Sleep: We think this is the best work out to have ever been invented. But, the truth of the matter is that more and more experts and sleep devotees are taking a stand and taking a nap. Arianna Huffington is leading the sleep revolution. She defends her position with rigorous science and fact to aver that sleep is the key to a kinder, wiser and more centered way of being. 

And, we say if you're going to get married, then how better to walk down the aisle with a hard body that is also kinder and wiser?