You're never gonna hear someone say, or even say so yourself: "I don't think I need to go back to Paris (or London or Rome or Madrid)!" Because, the reality is, these major European cities are the gifts that keep on giving. 

So, why not put these hit cities to one side and consider some of Europe's other stellar urban (and some very not urban) destinations for your trip down on one knee or down the aisle?

Get your bags packed for Men's Vows first two (of eight) favorite European cities! 

Porto, Portugal

Downtown Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 

Downtown Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 

We could not have loved Porto any more than we did. Why? 

Porto is a city firmly rooted in centuries of Portugal's gilded past while taking big strides to being one of the world's coolest modern European towns. How could it not, what with a UNESCO World Heritage site for a downtown, countless sites serving as inspiration for Harry Potter, a surfing, foodie and art destination and, most importantly being the birthplace of port wine?!

We say stay at the Mercador Guest House for what we call a "B&Boutique" hotel experience. Visit the Museu Fundação Serrralves for a touch of contemporary art, a stroll through a perfect garden and a tour of the most exquisite Art Deco home. For the Potter fan in you, go to the Libraria Lello and stroll its environs to find what else inspired J.K. Make sure to experience the beauty of Portuguese tile work at the Cappela das Almas. And, take a leisurely walk to the beach and have what will surely become your new favorite drink: the Porto tonic!

Porto is a fantastic spot for a destination wedding or a stop on a memorable honeymoon.

Muhu, Estonia

Padäste Manor, Muhu 

Padäste Manor, Muhu 

We are wahoo for Muhu! (Yep, we wrote that.) But, reality is, this tiny island off the coast of Estonia is a must visit, if for no other reason than to amuse yourselves and others by saying Muhu. 

You will fly into Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and enjoy a day and night experiencing the city's extraordinary historic center and spectacular food scene. Then, you're gonna take that ferry straight to Muhu and check yourselves into the Pädaste Manor, a multi-star, luxury resort and retreat. And, we really mean retreat.

At the manor you will enjoy spa treatments, relax in your private cottage. hot tub at the very edge of the Baltic Sea and enjoy food from the best restaurant in Estonia. When the mood strikes, you'll bike your way around the island taking in the sights and charms of this exquisite escape from the rest of the world. Or, take a quick ferry to Saarema to experience fully working windmills. 

You wanna pop the question? Do it here! Want to escape the world for your honeymoon? Make Muhu a stop on your way to Scandinavia. 

Come back and visit the rest of our favorite European cities which will include: Helsinki, Budapest, Montpellier, Santiago de Compostela, Ravenna and Gras!