Although we fancy Europe's rich culture, historic sights & (of course) robust tasting wines, we can't help but fall in love with the remote, dazzling beaches of the Med. Browse our fave Euro beach destinations, perfect for MV's newlyweds!

Sicily, Italy

Take your pick from a handful of the world's most stunning beaches when you visit the island of Sicily. Choose from it's long, sandy beaches with crystal clear views or it's rugged coastline adorned with caves & cliffs, perfect for honeymoon adventure. Sicily loves luxe and offers convenient amenities like paddle boats, umbrellas, lounge chairs & a solid collection of nearby restaurants, cafes and beachside bars. We're wondering, what more could you ask for? Check out Sicily's top attractions!

Lagos, Portugal

As far as scenic getaways go, the allure of Lagos should be no surprise between it's old world charm and paradise beaches. Snorkel or dive through shipwrecks and caves or walk on the cobbled lanes of the old town's 16th century streets, past picturesque piazzas and churches. While remote beaches are in abundance, you'll also find every activity under the moon here. Between it's thriving nightlife and mouth watering eats, we're confident in calling Lagos a little slice of heaven. Check out tourists fave attractions here!

Dhermi, Albania

Albania's rugged coastline is known as a 'whole new Mediterranean Riviera' between it's temperate beaches & traditional villages nestled along isolated bays and sunny beaches. With just a dip in it's turquoise waters, you'll know you've made the right choice for your honeymoon escape to the Med. It's been described as having a similar feel to Croatia, with less of the 'touristy' crowd, but all the same breathtaking scenery and delicious foods. Check out the best of Dhermi here!

Crete, Greece

With over 100 miles of beach terrain, the glittering shores of Crete are ideal for the nautical man. Inland, you'll discover mountain-rimmed gorges & quiet, quaint villages with a friendly hospitality you'll never forget. Pink-sand beaches provide the most stunning photo-op while the seafood & wine will have your taste buds practically begging for more. Another thing, there's no words for a sunset in Crete. Really, we mean it. You'll just have to see for yourself! See Cretes best sites here!

Whether you're planning a honeymoon or escaping everyday reality for a bit, we believe in saying yes to Euro trips, always!