Gents: The summer months are upon us which means weddings, honeymoons & beach vacations. Think you need a gym to get in your greatest shape ever? Think again. We've rounded up simple and affordable fitness hacks you can even take outdoors!


Bring out the inner child within you, grab your man and head to the closest park. Your neighborhood park can be a gold mine for creative summer workouts, like burpee challenges, sprint races, "planking for a picnic" and even pull-ups on monkey-bars. Ask friends to join you on a weekly basis and take turns planning a fitness routine for the afternoon. Finish the workout with healthy snacks & light, refreshing drinks like low cal cheeses, fruit, peanut butter and spritzers. 


Similar to working out at the park, taking on a fitness journey through meetups can be equally rewarding, affordable and fun. Use to search your interests & find other like-minded fitness gents in your community. Depending on where you live, you may find hundreds of meetups for no or minimal fees. Whether you prefer sunset yoga, high intensity cardio or long scenic hikes, truly offers something for everyone. It's especially ideal for those looking to meet new people within their community while breaking a sweat without breaking their budget. Also consider browsing Facebook & Instagram for local fitness events in your community. You may find ways to workout while giving back to local charities and non-profits!

Household Items

Prefer not to spend money on fitness equipment? There's no need to anyways! Chances are you have household items in each room that can function as a piece of fitness equipment. Use milk jugs, water bottles, laundry detergent or heavy books as dumbells and weights. Use a sturdy chair to replace a gym bench, perfect for a long burn of tricep dips! One of your best and most easily accessible pieces of equipment - your body! Try out Your Body Your Gym workouts on for a quick workout using ONLY your body weight. 


Where ever you go, there's your bod. So, MV says - let's make summer 2017 out best fitness year yet!