Because after the stress of planning your big day, sometimes the very last thing you want to deal with is more...planning. While we believe the honeymoon experience should be custom towards everything you and your man desire, we also believe you can be free of the sometimes overwhelming planning process. Introducing: Pack Up + Go , a start-up travel business specializing in mystery trips. Your vacation will be so top-secret you won't even know where you're heading until you get to the airport. Even better, they use your budget to plan a once-in-a-lifetime experience, plus they make recommendations tailored to your specific travel preferences. 

A surprise trip to beautiful destinations around the U.S!!

A surprise trip to beautiful destinations around the U.S!!

The Experience

Perfect for the adventurous honeymooners, Pack Up + Go will take care of your travel arrangements, accommodations, all the while keeping your destination a BIG surprise. First, you set your budget, then you take a survey (so the Pack Up + Go team can get to know your needs) and finally (after THEY'VE done all the planning) you jet set to your surprise destination! 

A week before your departure, Pack Up + Go will send you an email letting you know the weather ahead for your mystery trip, they'll recommend items to pack, any luggage restrictions and where to go and when. Then, our favorite part begins - a couple days before your trip, a letter will arrive in the mail that is not meant to be opened until the specified date and time. Inside of the letter you'll find directions to your top-notch accommodations, your city guide and a curated list of activities, restaurants and sites...all made specifically for YOU. 

Reasons to Pack Up + GO

There's so many. But first and foremost, this kind of surprise travel creates a new level of romance. You & your man can revel in the beauty & discovery of a new city, without ever having to lift a finger to plan. You still get the custom honeymoon experience you deserve without all the hard work. I think it's safe to say, there's not a single reason why a Pack Up + Go trip shouldn't be considered for your honeymoon adventure!