Despite our dedication to providing you with all the wedding wisdom, trends, and pointers for how to make your wedding the most spectacular it can be, we've stumbled on perhaps the best bit of advice, yet. 

Make your wedding a surprise for your guests. 

Sure, there's the elopement version where you and some randoms make your way to Vegas and do like Beyoncé and Instagram news of you having tied the knot. But, we are talking about getting all your friends and family together under the auspices of an every day, run-of-the-mill party. And, right before they start questioning what the party is really about, spring your vows on 'em!

What we love about this idea is that it takes the pressure off planning, curtails the busy-bodiness of all those busy-bodies, avoids the shenanigans of picking grooms people, dealing with terrible toasts, save yourself some - if not a lot - of money and simply focuses everyone on your moment... in this moment!

Sure, some people will be bummed they didn't get to be busy-bodies. Others will hate that they were wearing archive and not vintage. And, you might even miss a bad toast or two, but, reality is that all of that can happen after, in different ways. 

You can take trips with your friends to celebrate the times you lived as singletons. You can request that people write the toasts they would have given. You can make your first anniversary more like a wedding. 

But, bottom line is, why not add some drama - good drama - to your big day and simply make it a surprise. And, we are of the mind that nothing bonds a couple quite like sharing a secret and planning a surprise together.