Men's Vows is very lucky to include among its community fitness expert Will Lanier. He's the genius behind OUTWOD which is the largest international initiative for bringing together LGBT+ athletes and their allies to raise funds for local charitable organizations and sweat together in a safe, inclusive group fitness environment.

We had a quick catch-up with him before we all set off for Aspen Summer Holiday to learn about the latest in fitness and tips for approaching your fitness regime. 


Fitness should be a way of life and not a trend, but we all know we follow the latest fads to keep fitness fresh. What are you seeing as up-and-coming in the fitness arena?

Boxing is making a big come back - and I love it. Boxing has been around as long as there's been people to punch and the popularity ebbs and flows...and we're in for a big flow of cardio-style boxing.

What are some of the fitness trends you’d like to see go away? Why?

I think there is enough fitness to go around for everyone and people are going to flock to what speaks to them. If there's a trend that is getting people moving and making them healthy - I'm all for it. What I would like to see go away is fanaticism for one singular type of workout. I think we should all be well-rounded in our fitness regimens (cycle, yoga, boxing, lifting, name it). Vary your workouts to keep your body energized and your mind engaged. 


As gents age, what should they consider about their fitness programs? 

I read an amazing article by the great Kelly Starrett and he wrote something that stuck out to me. As we age, our tissues are not the same and don't respond the same ways as they did when we trained at a younger as we age - we should expect different results from our fitness programs. Comparing yourself to a college athlete or trying to keep up isn't going to make you more fit or healthy - listen to your body and do what's right. Leave your ego. Because someone lifts more than you doesn't make them any more healthy than you...

How do you prepare mentally and psychologically for your fitness program? How should others?

Simple. I tell myself, bro (that's what I call my inner self), you beat cancer - you're not going to let a little workout or run beat you...just do it.


What is your next big fitness challenge or goal?

I just finished a 216-mile relay called Cascade Lakes Relay in Central Oregon with 10 of my was a crazy challenge but we got thru it and had a blast. We've already registered for next year.

We are all headed to Aspen soon, what about Aspen should people be prepared for, especially as it relates to their fitness program?

ELEVATION! If you don't live at a high altitude - you will be very aware of the oxygen levels and so will your body. Do not push your limits. Acclimate and see how you feel. Listen. To. Your. Body.

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