Nope. We aren’t talkin’ boy bands all grown up! We are talkin’ about one of the web’s best engagement and wedding ring purveyors. Actually, scrap that. Let’s just go for broke and call out Manly Bands as the best online ring purveyor. Felt good to say that… 

Given how every minute of our relationship with our beloved – from the hook-ups to the break-ups and then the make-ups – is meant to be encapsulated in a ring, it is a wonder that more industrious internet entrepreneurs haven’t stuck the landing on ring retail. But, never-you-mind, because the fine folks over at Manly Bands have struck gold. And, tungsten. And, antler?! 

We are going to be sharing loads of love for Manly Bands over the coming months so buckle up, dear readers. But, for today, let’s start with a primer on all things ring shopping. 

The MVP Trio

First, get yourself to Manly Band’s online retail presence. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you spot the manly man selected to bring this brand to life. Not hard on the eyes, at all! 

Not only is he easy on the eyes, so is the overall shopping and navigation experience of the site. But, leaving the UI/UX of it all to one side, get yourself acquainted with Manly Bands’ main collections: The Adventurer, The CEO and The Creative. You, of course, fall neatly into one of these personalities. 

And, if you don’t, then peruse their selection of superb baubles by shopping by material, most popular or most exclusive aka The Founder’s Line. In future Manly Bands installments we will go deep on each of these categories. 

The CEO Trio

Once you light upon the ring of your dreams, take a trip on over to the Ring Sizer (obvi under Buying Guide) and don’t pass go without ordering up your Manly Ring Sizer. Just $10 bucks will save you a lifetime of misery delivered by a ring that is too tight or too loose. Oh and hey-o! said Manly Ring Sizer gets you a Manly discount on your first purchase. Can’t afford not to buy, and size! Come on… you’ve always been a “sizer” queen. 

Wear as many of the sized plastic rings that come with the Sizer as you need to, to determine the most comfortable fit for you. 

The Manly Band Ring Sizer

The Manly Band Ring Sizer

Next comes the fun part. Picking a ring. A ring that is gonna be on that fourth finger forever. And ever. Look, if you can pick a tattoo, you can pick a ring, right? Man up, gents!! 

To help set you on your ring journey and, thus, the rest of your life (who knew we could have so much influence over you!?), we’ve selected a tiny handful of our favorites. Don’t worry, there are going to be many more Men’s Vows’ Manly Bands selections to come. But, the only hard part of shopping on Manly Bands is picking your ring. Because, the shopping and shipping and returning (within 30 days, gents. Please?!) and repeating is easy breezy. 

Easy breezy just like your relationship! Right?? Right!!

We could go on and on, but it is best to hear from one of Manly Band’s loyal customers, who said it best: 

“Give them a shot if you're about to go down on one knee instead of just two."