In Their Own Words: Elias & Joplin

Joplin & Elias

Joplin & Elias

It has been a while since we've shared one of the winning stories that you, our loyal readers, submit to Men's Vows. And, we are delighted to break our silent streak by sharing Elias and Joplin's engagement story, In Their Own Words. 

"I was showing a straight friend about dating apps and how frustrated I was with all of them. I was really not in the mood for dating and was going to delete all the apps. But, I showed my friend all about Tinder. I explained how it worked and and warned that the guys could be superficial. I swiped across a bunch of guys and half of them didn't even have a profile or said briefly: "What's Up," or "Hit me up if you like what you see." 

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Then I came across Joplin's pic, and said, "well this guy is probably the same thing. Nice profile though." My friend said, "what the hell, just swipe like," and I went one step further. I super liked him and said, "he won't even chat with me."  Joplin responded right away and we started chatting that day. 

For our first date, we went for lunch at a place called Fatty's. Funny name for a first date venue! After having lunch, we decided to chat more and took a walk on a nature trail, then grabbed some ice cream after the walk, chatted more and went back to the to get in our cars and go back to our own homes.  It was a great first date.

Joplin and I have several like qualities but our differences are what make us unique. Our friends would say that with those complimentary qualities comes appreciation for what the other brings to the relationship. One of my friends said to me, "I really feel that Joplin and you challenge each other in a healthy way of emotional growth, communication and ways to remind one another of the qualities of life. The simple things, laughter, being silly, enjoy the beauty of just holding hands." 


One sweet thing that we do is we get up about the same time. Joplin gets in the shower, I make coffee. But, then he always pours me my coffee with the perfect amount of cream. One time I was going to do it and he said, "please don't, I really enjoy doing this for you."  It simple, sweet, but says so much.

I facilitate workshops and retreats. On our second phone chat before our first date, Joplin asked me about the kind of retreats that I did and how he would love to go on one. We met in August 2016 and his first retreat was October 2016. He loved it so much that he wanted to go on the next one which was in February in 2017. He asked his Mom, 2 co-workers, his Aunt and 2 more close friends. His one friend said she couldn't come, and then I called her and told her I was going to propose after that retreat weekend after all the retreat activities were over.  It was SO special to have loved ones there to witness the proposal."

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Elias and Joplin will marry in October this year and we look forward to sharing more about their wedding once they've poured a few cups of coffee as husband and husband.