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Whenever a brand throws down a "Founder's Line" you know they mean business. Once the Founder's concept comes into play, you know you're dealing with serious inspiration, top-notch design and, perhaps too, a extra digit (or two) on the price tag. 

Manly Bands is delivering some serious "Founder's Line" goods.

Their newly launched line is drawing inspiration from a broad array of serious Founders; badass men who have displayed the "brass" it takes to make the world the way it is today. From your "classics:" Spartacus and Franklin, to your "digerati:" Musk and "The Woz," a ring from Manly Band's Founder's Collection is going to propel you to great heights of style and, if you've got it in ya, heights of accomplishment. 

Now, 'cuz this line is from the fine folks at Manly Bands, you can show some Founder's Line realness for the prices you've come to love from the brand. If you've got anywhere between $300-$4000 to your "ring-buying-name," (and 4-5 weeks to allow for the made-to-order timing) then get thee to the Founder's Collection page and find your inner Adonis, Bezos or Hawking! And, best yet, Manly Bands offers an awesome financing plan. 

But, as we were perusing all of the Manly Bands designs in preparation for this extraordinary piece of retail reportage, we got to thinking: "We don't need to be tying the knot in order to get a slice of the Manly Bands pie!"

Don't be waiting for "the one" when you can rock a manly band any time! Get thee to the site and shop for a bit of everyday man bling and put your own ring on it!