Your Guide to Gay Wedding Planning


“Will you marry me?”

A simple question that invites two people to experience a lifetime together.

Why Men's Vows for Gay Wedding Planning?

We’ve blazed new “aisles” leading to marriage becoming the inclusive institution it is meant to be. And, in so doing, we’re forging new perspectives on the rituals and traditions for weddings. Men’s Vows is here to support you with the wisdom and the ideas for fully celebrating your gay wedding.

What We do.

For two grooms, planning a same-sex wedding will be as unique and challenging as the path that led to their big day. From “I will” to “I do,” MEN’S VOWS tackles the practicalities of the wedding so that grooms can embrace the joy of having found each other, the joy of being celebrated by their loved ones, and the joys of gay married life.

What You'll Learn.

Men’s Vows brings you:

- The gay wedding wisdom of long-time experts and prior grooms who’ve already walked down the aisle

- The latest trends and advice for planning the gay wedding you are proud to call your own

- A discerning point of view and humorous tone of voice to make every part of planning your wedding a fun and memorable experience

We believe at Men's Vows that getting there is half the fun. And, we will be with you having fun, every step of the way.