Gay Bachelor Party, Party, Party


Gay Bachelor Party Planning

While we at Men’s Vows aren’t prone to a night of strippers and stogies, we won’t begrudge you a bachelor party! But, the gay bachelor party is one of those topics that causes some head scratching.

It is likely that you’ve been together a while and have forged a close circle of mutual friends, gay and straight, guys and gals. So, do you go for a joint night of "all play", gay bachelor bacchanalia?

Perhaps one of you really does want for a go-go dancer and a Medevac-worthy hangover, while the other has sworn those nights (and mornings) off for good. Do you let each other go and sow your wild (or not so wild) oats one last time?

With everything else, discuss, understand and let the good times roll. ‘Cuz no matter how much you put the gay bachelor in your party, it isn’t going to get in the way of putting the “husband” in “to be.”