The Grooms Cut the Cake: 5 Pointers for Having Your Cake and Eating it, Too.


Gay Wedding Cake Tips

1. Topsy turvy.

Consider a custom topper (only if you want a topper) that reflects your personalities and sense of fun.

2. Bling it up.

Make sure when serving the cake to add a small garnish to each plate before serving.

3. Up on a pedestal.

Remember that the cake stand, platter or plate is just as important as the cake itself in the presentation.

4. Sweet endings.

Add an alternate sweet or after-dinner treat to the tables after serving the cake.

5. Food porn.

Make sure the photographer understands ahead of time if you have chosen to have a cake-cutting ceremony.

From gay wedding cake design tips to ensuring your photographer perfectly captures your cake-cutting, MEN'S VOWS has your back every step of the way!