When it comes to wedding registries, we're all for exploring non-traditional routes. Do you really need another set of china, or a stand mixer? Perhaps you are indeed looking for those essentials to start your home and life together, but if you're like us, you probably already have many of these items already. But either way,, wouldn't you prefer to share with your man, oh say... an alpine hiking and rappelling experience, or Arkansas river tour? Something that stays in the mind and memory, not the back of your kitchen cabinet?

That's where VEBO comes in. VEBO is a Denver startup offering a chance to turn your wedding registry into experiences of a lifetime. Short for Value Experiences Before Objects, VEBO lets your guests purchase exciting, adventurous experiences in the city or greater outdoors for you and your man to share. 

MEN'S VOWS Co-Founder Richard Dusseau sat down with VEBO Founder and CEO, Cody Sudmeier at the Denver Central Market to learn more about VEBO. Watch the full interview below.