Men's Vows is extremely lucky and proud to include among its ranks the very talented Jason Mitchell Kahn. Jason is a wedding planner, author, playwright and exceptional person. He recently launched his newest venture, Jason Mitchell Kahn and Co and we are pleased to learn more about it and, of course, the latest in wedding planning insights from Jason. 

You’ve recently launched your new business, tell us about it?

I launched Jason Mitchell Kahn and Co because I wanted to work on everything that I love most! I’ve been steadily planning weddings ever since publishing Getting Groomed, and working with couples to create their happiest day is one of my favorite things to do. I was drawn to this career because I see it as telling love stories. I see tremendous beauty in the watching couples reinvent traditions, overcoming family obstacles and dealing with the unexpected moments that occur at all weddings. But I am doing more than just weddings. I have several writing projects. Even with the success we achieved in marriage equality, the wedding industry still heavily caters to brides. I understand there will always be more of them getting married compared to gay grooms, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have as many well-developed resources that suit our needs. 


What do grooms experience in working with you that makes your planning and production offer stand out?

I have a lot of fun working with my couples, so we often become very friendly and remain that way. I focus on all dimensions of the planning- from design and logistics to the emotional experience we create for the guests. When it comes to design I am thrilled when a couple wants something really elaborate, but I also don’t judge when that isn’t part of their wish list. My clients will often ask my opinion when it comes to style, and while I’m always happy to share it, it’s more important I help them land at the wedding that represents them. The writer in me pays a lot of attention to words, whether it’s exactly the text said during an announcement or how we name different courses on a menu. And despite the numerous jokes that are made about being Franck Eggelhoffer, I really keep the calm on the day of.  


You’ve produced some outstanding weddings over your long career, what keeps you motivated to keep creating these experiences?

Each one is different so the job never feels monotonous. There are very few other experiences I’ve had in life that compare to knowing I’ve created something meaningful and memorable for my couples and their guests. The character study is endlessly fascinating. Once I’ve worked with a couple, I love seeing who their family and friends are and watching the big picture of their story come together.


In your opinion, what should grooms focus on to make their wedding truly unique?

Always remember that other than signing that marriage license, there really are no rules. Don’t worry about what “typically” happens at weddings. Personalize it as much as possible with everything you love as a couple, but still, consider your guests’ experience. Don’t focus on trying to please everyone. Truly craft the event of your dreams, and have fun with it. To borrow from Oscar Wilde, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” 


On this the anniversary month of the legalization of same-sex marriage, how have gay weddings changed since that historic moment?

You can feel a change in the political awareness that is acknowledged at weddings. So many couples have honored that trailblazing moment in history, and how lucky they are to finally have equal rights. That moment marked progress. While it hasn’t been taken away, there is new inflection ever since the election. There is a pride that we refuse to take any steps backwards, no matter what the opposition attempts.  


We have to ask: what are the latest trends in weddings, same-sex or otherwise?

We see the advancements of technology having a large influence. People have custom snap-chat filters made for their weddings, and rather than printing images at photo booths, they are sent digitally. At the same time, all of this has also caused an even bigger movement for couples to ask their guests to disconnect from their devices and be more present at the wedding.

And, the Covfefe-tini is the most popular specialty cocktail currently!