No matter how DIY or lavish your wedding was it was no doubt an indulgence. And, while you deserved every minute of it, you might consider “honeyteering” – volunteering on your honeymoon - as a way to counterpoint all of your wedding excess. Here are some resources for finding your way to a charity or cause that will kick off your married life with increased purpose and meaning.

Charity Guide is a wonderful resource for matching your interests with charities around the world. It is a general interest site that ultimately seeks to recruit long-term volunteers, but spend some time on the site as there are many opportunities for short-term projects.


For the gentlemen farmers, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF – we can’t resist riffing on the acronym, but we will!!) offers placements on organic farms around the world to people interested in experiencing organic farming. Make sure you pick a country where you and your husband will be most comfortable and generously hosted.


If your interest is more aquatic, then Coral Cay Conservation Expeditions is a fantastic organization focused on preserving the world’s coral reefs. They have expeditions in the Caribbean and in the Philippines.

For a different take of the great outdoors, why not help preserve our country’s great hiking trails and outdoors, generally, by volunteering for the American Hiking Society?

Global Volunteers is in the service of the world’s most needy children. It places volunteers the world over to help with the education, health, nutrition and general protection of children and the families around them.


These are a few of very many opportunities to turn your honeymoon into a cause for good. So make sure to connect your passion for good with your love for each other and go make the world a better place, together!