Topper Stopper


Second to perhaps the diamond ring, there are few symbols that embody a wedding more effectively than the cake topper. This charming plastic embodiment of the newlyweds has topped more fondant-covered confections than we care to admit. We at Men's Vows like to ask tough questions. And, today’s is: Cake toppers. Really? Listen, we are all for you fashioning “mini-me’s” of yourselves for all your guests to ooh and ahh over, practicing for the moment when there are actual “mini-me’s” to ooh and ahh over. But, we invite you to take a different approach to topping your cake.

Ultimately, let your cake tell you how it wants to be topped.

You’ll know from our Pinterest boards that we love a naked cake. These cakes call for a sprig of greenery - a fig leaf if you will - or a pile of berries to top them off.

For something more “dressed up”, your cake might don a boutonniere of its own, perhaps fashioned from your favorite bloom.

We all know a cake is the gift of frosted deliciousness, so finishing it off with ribbon wouldn’t be at all out of order.

Or, just let your baker fashion a frosting statement unlike any other.

No berry, flower, bow or otherwise will ever steal the spot-light from the actual men of the hour, but plastic versions of you just might!