No matter the adventures you’ve shared around the world, a honeymoon will be your best adventure yet.

Your honeymoon is, after all, your first trip together as husband and husband!

We’ll say it time and again: make your honeymoon as much about you as any other aspect of your wedding. But, this time the “you” in question is: both of you… as a married couple.

Ask yourselves: how do you want to punctuate your wedding and everything leading up to it? And, how do you want to kick off your life together? As much as you want to take a load off from all the planning and festivities and luxuriate in the memories of your best day ever, think about how your trip might symbolize who you are and where you’re headed. Think about a destination where you can give back.

Now, not everywhere is as laid back about where you’ve come from and where you’re going as husbands. So, do your research to decide those countries and locales that will host and celebrate you accordingly.

Oh, and like with other things in your married life, getting there (ahem) is half the fun. Go ahead and splurge!