Flower Pot: How to Get Started on Picking Flowers.


Flowers are, well… flowery. But, there are many ways of making a bold and masculine statement with flowers at your wedding. Here’s how:

  1. Pick flowers with simple blooms: fewer petals, solid colors like calla lilies, camellias or orchids
  2. Select flowers in white, deep red or purple or bright yellow
  3. Don’t be afraid of using perennials or foliage like big palm leaves or eucalyptus garlands
  4. Think of your flowers as architecture arranging them in straight lines or in simple squares on your dinner tables
  5. Feature single blooms of more “expressive” flowers such as peonies using smaller vases
  6. Uses julep cups, large urns or metallic boxes instead of glass vases

Check out our Flowers board on Pinterest or examples of all of the above.