Show me the Money


Let’s cut to the chase: one surefire way to make sure you experience your wedding day to the fullest is to make sure you budget accurately.

While Men’s Vows wants to help make your every wedding day-dream come true, we want you to focus first on indulging in your love for each other and that of those you bring together as you say “I do.”

Everything else – from filigree to fondant to fireworks – is secondary.

Together as a couple, set your budget. Do so by understanding what you each want for this very important day and spending time learning what things cost. Then, talk through your list of "must haves." Go through the costs for those "must haves." Then, talk it out. Horse trade. Talk it out, again. Finally, go for bargaining broke, understanding the cost versus the worth of your choices. You will appreciate a lot about what matters to each of you for your day and will do away with so many of the silly spats that pop up along the way because one of you is surprised to learn that the other will in no way, shape or form, do away with mustache swizzle sticks.

Once you light upon a figure together: do not waver. Your commitment to your budget should be as steadfast as your commitment to each other.

Once your duck(etts) are in a row, it’ll be smooth(ish!) sailing from there.