3 Wedding Color Mistakes to Avoid


Color is perhaps the most important creative choice you will make for your wedding. Because it influences everything from print to wardrobe to florals, color really sets the vibe for your big day. For a decision as crucial as color, we want to help you avoid these three mistakes by "stress testing" your color choices before going too far down the road of designing you wedding.

1- Ignoring your wedding venue: If you've got your heart set on a venue, make sure you consider its colors and pick yours accordingly.

2- Not mocking up your flowers: Have your florist mock up an arrangement with the flowers that will best suit your palette. Make sure the flowers you select match or complement your colors.

3- Forgetting variation: Pick a palette of contrasting colors so that you don't end up in a monochromatic sea of light blues or deep reds. Contrasting colors help each other stand out.