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It is our great pleasure to introduce our Men's Vows community to Greg and Jack. These illustrious gentlemen originally met in the 1970s while they were both at Georgetown University. However, it wasn't until 1984 that their paths crossed at St. John's Cathedral in Denver where Jack was a parishioner and Greg was visiting from his home in New York City.

After nine months of long-distance courtship, Greg and Jack made a home in Denver where they have lived ever since. Fundamental to their relationship has been their dedication to their faith and to the city they call home where both have been private, public and philanthropic leaders.

Though they made their relationship official "sometime in the 90s," they refrained from a public ceremony until such time as both the The Episcopal Church and the State of Colorado recognized same-sex marriage. This historic moment happened on the occasion of their 30th anniversary together in October, 2014.

Jack and Greg were married on September 12th, 2015 at St. John's Episcopal Cathedral in Denver. The couple were instrumental in adapting the Episcopal liturgy for same-sex couples. The ceremony was officiated by the Bishop of Colorado and concelebrated by the Rector of St. Andrew's Church and priests of the Diocese of Colorado.

They hosted a black-tie reception in their home and garden. Among the 350 guests were some of Denver's most dedicated philanthropists and accomplished public and cultural leaders. They enjoyed an array of passed canapés, toasted with champagne under the stars and danced the night away to a stellar jazz band.

Jack and Greg's long-standing commitment to each other has been a force for good in their community, an agent of change within their church and an unparalleled example of what loving individuals can accomplish supported by love and faith.