"My favorite pictures are the ones that are delicious.” If that line doesn’t pique your interest about photographer Justin McCallum, we don’t know what will when it comes to your wedding pictures.

Justin’s work was showcased earlier this month in our Featured Weddings column. From looking at the images of Brian and John, his talent is glaringly and beautifully apparent. Men’s Vows recently spent time speaking with Justin to learn all about what makes a great wedding photograph delicious!

“I strive to create meaning for my couples through my pictures. It is great to create a really beautiful image, but for me that comes from capturing intimacy, not from posing people.” And, creating that image for Justin means asking couples to share an inside joke, remember their biggest challenge or say the dirtiest word they can think of, over and over, until they start giggling. Ultimately, he says, it comes down to couples letting themselves experiment and be goofy.

"I strive to create meaning for my couples through
my pictures."

He can determine who those couples are from the moment he meets them. “I have a little test which is the form of the question: ‘What do you want your wedding to be like?’ and if the answer isn’t: ‘About love, a lot of fun and a kickass party’ I might refer them to someone else. That couple who answered they were getting married to be opulent and to impress their friends is one I didn’t shoot!” Given you are going to spend most of your wedding day with your photographer – even more so than your planner – it is important that you are really aligned and alike.

“Wedding photography gives you a high like nothing else does. You are surrounded by pure love, joy and a lot of stress,” he says laughing. “It is an amazing privilege to share this love with the couple and be at a lot of kick-ass parties!” Justin came to photography almost accidentally. While he was a photo hobbyist as a teenager, it wasn’t until he took his first photography course at college that he became addicted. And, now he shoots up to 30 weddings a year, and does commercial work during the off-season.

Justin recommends having the most comprehensive shot list possible which means not only knowing everyone you’re supposed to shoot, but also having a sense of the look you want to go for. “Pinterest is a huge help!” He adds: “20 minutes is not enough time for family photos.” Additionally, it is time well spent visiting the venue and learning what couples like and don’t like about the space. And, as we’ve heard before, letting the photographer comment on or understand in advance the lighting will make for an easier time for and better images from the likes of Justin. “Oh, and if you want everything covered, definitely hire a second photographer. They are a great safety net for getting all the details, guests and other shots.”

For the couple Justin believes it important “to practice letting go of things, because I guarantee you not everything is going to go according to plan, and that is OK! Stay in the moment.” For Justin that moment is a fine balance between being a fine art photographer and a photojournalist. “You want your photographer to be present for all the important moments, and not noticed for all the intimate ones.”

Justin's favorite compliment was "the time a groom said at the end of the day that he'd considered me one of his groomsmen."

We asked Justin what his favorite client compliment was. “It was definitely the time a groom said at the end of the day that he’d considered me one of his groomsmen.” This is proof of Justin perfectly balancing what it is to be part of and witness to the weddings he shoots. And that makes for a delicious photo and photographer, for sure.

Men’s Vows looks forward to sharing Justin’s wedding photographs year after next once he ties the knot. We wonder what his favorite dirty word will be!?

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