A (Surprise) Engagement

Well before Eddy and David said: “I will!” and well after they said: “I do,” the surprises didn’t stop for this couple.

Their wedding story begins at Eddy’s 40th birthday party. David spared no detail especially the surprise birthday video he presented to Eddy and their guests. The video, incredibly produced by Frank Boccia, perfectly encapsulated Eddys’ life. But, Eddy’s birthday quickly turned to the couple’s engagement party, when David surprised Eddy (and everyone present) with a marriage proposal. Birthday cheers became engagement tears.

Planning The Wedding

Eddy excitedly began the process of planning the wedding, however each time he brought up ideas with David, David “shut down” all talk of their nuptials. David had another ace up his sleeve. On a special Christmas morning, David surprised Eddy with trip to New York City. Eddy had a successful career as a dancer in New York and they both shared dear friends and memories in the Big Apple. But, this would not be an ordinary trip to The City. David had been secretly planning their wedding all along,

From Eddy’s planning and David’s “truncated” discussion about their wedding, David knew that theirs would not be a big and traditional one. No standing in front of a crowd and reciting their vows.  They both wanted to make their wedding day more intimate, private and simple, so their wedding would best be described as a “planned elopement”.  While there was certainly an element of spontaneity to the day, David had it all carefully organized.  A courthouse and select friends would be their way.

They asked five dear friends to join them for the celebration.  Included was David’s longtime friend and colleague, Tara with Dixie Pixel Photography from Knoxville, TN whom he asked to shoot the wedding day.  It was really important to them to document the day through photography, as David is also a professional photographer.  Eddy asked his best friend Jenny to stand up for him.  Jenny is the sister he never had and was his roommate when he lived in New York City.  Having so few and such close friends, made the day feel especially personal and intimate. 

The Big Day

The wedding day began at the incredibly stylish Gramercy Park Hotel. They all sipped mimosas as David and Eddy got dressed. Sipped and styled, the group headed to City Hall.

Love and fun ran counterpoint to City Hall’s architecture and history, and because of this “range,” Eddy and David knew they’d be able “make the ceremony whatever [they] wanted it to be.”  The grooms starting a cheering section for other couples getting married, which was reciprocated when it came time for their ceremony; one the judge made very personal.

Their “wedding in pictures” took the grooms and their party to the Brooklyn Bridge, Library, Bryant Park and Times Square and culminated at lunch at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central and from there – bar for a quick disco nap – they group carried on to The Park restaurant in Chelsea where they were joined by thirty friends for a last-minute dinner. Not to be stopped, late night found the group back at the hotel’s Rose Bar where Eddy and David both agreed: “the wedding day was a blast, and exactly what they wanted.”

From The City to The Beach

But, their last toast that evening, would not mark the end of their wedding! After a day and half of rest in Denver, the two newlyweds jetted off to in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Two full weeks of sun, sand and forty of their closest friends would make for the ideal honeymoon.  Rather than register, these grooms opted to have their friends to join them for the most memorable honeymoon and… second wedding fiesta!

Atop the roof of the Riviera del Rio, located in the heart of the “Romantic Zone” and old town, the grooms treated their guests to a menu that ranged from made-to-order tacos al pastor to refreshing Mexican popsicles.  The décor included their wedding photographs projected on the side of the building, classic piñatas and, of course, a special surprise appearance from a local donkey.  Being caught up in all the fun made for Eddy and David’s only regret which was not taking the time to give a speech and thank everyone for coming.  But, knowing these two, there is likely to be another surprise event in their not-too-distant future!

When asked how they feel after their marriage, Eddy and David both reply that they "feel more bonded." "He's my family now," shared Eddy.