While you'll always want to have a fully-stocked bar at your wedding, beers and bourbons make for the best mountain quaffs. 

Selecting a craft beer from the area where you're marrying is a terrific nod to the locals and a great gift for your guests. And, any good bourbon is always going to carry favor with sip-eratti.  

For the top specialist brewers in the country, we suggest you visit our friends at The Daily Meal who annually publish a list of the top 50 microbrews in the States. 

As for bourbon, we are going to avoid the great debate around which sipping bourbon bests the rest, and share our favorite bourbon cocktail: The Gentleman Johnson. We love this drink because it is as hearty as it is refreshing, making it a perfect mountainside cocktail. 


The Gentleman Johnson

2oz of bourbon
5oz of unsweetened iced tea
1 mint sprig
1 lemon wedge
1/2oz of Cointreau 

Fill a highball glass with ice, add the bourbon, tea and cointreau and stir. Add the mint and lemon for garnish. 


Remember to pace yourself at altitude. Drinks go to your head much faster the nearer you get to a tree line!