After your fella, picking a photographer is probably the second-most important decision you'll make for your wedding. After all, your husband and the pictures of your wedding are going to live with you for the rest of days, so pick well! 

Photography and videography all come down to the style of the images and the chemistry with the photographer. You are going to have this individual with you at the most intimate, most stressful and most joyous moments of your engagement and ceremony, so as we've written before, really find the guy or gal you feel most gets you. 

One photographer, or in this case group of photographers, we really love is Chrisman Studios. These four photographers and one videographer bring both a documentary and cinematic touch to their images. While the vantage point of each image is "fly on the wall," it is evident by the sentiment they capture in each shot, that these photographers might as well be in the wedding party or, at the very least, a guest at the wedding. And, above all, they have captured a wide range of same-sex marriages with great care and appreciation. 

While based in San Francisco and Charleston, they have documented weddings in every corner of the world. 

Please go and fall in love with Chrisman Studios!