Colorado couple Aaron & Tony and their beautiful wedding rings

Colorado couple Aaron & Tony and their beautiful wedding rings

There can be a magnetism or almost elemental force that draws two people together in love. And wedding rings are a powerful symbol of this love.

"I love it when you give me things, and you, you ought to give me wedding rings" so goes the song, "The Book of Love" written by The Magnetic Fields (how appropriate!) and popularized by Peter Gabriel. The ring is the most significant physical symbol of the married couple, carrying with it centuries of symbolism. It tells people you have made a commitment to be with one other person and, in so many instances, it tells a story between you and your betrothed. So where do you start when it comes to picking rings?

Colorado couple Aaron and Tony wanted something special to symbolize their love. As Aaron put it: "we wanted our rings to have a sentimental value deeper than a recognized name brand." So, the couple turned to the silver and gold-mining town of Ouray, population 1000, as the inspiration, and the materials, for their rings. 

Aaron and Tony, along with Ouray Silversmiths, designed and made their rings using silver mined in the area where Aaron grew up. Their rings became not only a symbol of their relationship, but of the place that played a part in them becoming the people they now are.  

Of course you ought to give wedding rings, but we love how Aaron and Tony wove this beautiful and sentimental nod to their roots to make their rings that much more special. 

Do you have a plan for making your wedding rings more meaningful? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below — we may just reach out to share your story!

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Photograph by Lily Red Studio.