Todd & Nick

Todd & Nick

How They Met

Todd and Nick met the old fashion way: in a bar! The kind of bar that can only best be described as divey. The kind of bar we all know and love. Having decided there was something between them, they decided to keep in touch with each other an even more old fashion way: by exchanging business cards. The times were so innocent then!

The Proposal

For many of their 3 years dating, they’d leave behind their hometown of San Francisco for the summer artists’ residency: ACRE, in Wisconsin. Todd is an art director and graphic designer, while Nick is an arts administrator. So, at this residency, right there on its lazy river Nick proposed. The ring he offered Todd? A piece of pipe. 

Two years later, that same-said artists’ residency would serve as the destination for their wedding. 

The Right Moment to Marry

The couple wanted to wait to get married until same-sex marriage was legal. As Todd and Nick were driving with their families to the retreat for a scouting trip, they heard the Supreme Court ruling and President Obama’s subsequent speech. That trip, shared with their families, became a meaningful part of their wedding experience. 

Ceremony & Reception

So too would be all of the creativity and surprises Todd and Nick, along with their friends and family, would lend to their ceremony and reception. The grooms provided initial ideas and a framework for the event, while their friends “colored in the lines.” Mother Earth Green Center made for an ideal venue. Todd designed the creative and whimsical wedding invitation; one mom handled travel, and the other décor; brothers surprised the wedding party and guests with a fireworks display; friends created inventive floral arrangements; a dear friend officiated, 12 “best people” stood alongside them; and everyone brought their own unique style and love for the couple. 

As part of their vows, Todd presented Nick with the cards they exchanged at the bar. One had been put through the wash, they other as pristine as the day on which it was presented. An apt symbol for how these men compliment each other. 

Wedding Wisdom

When asked what stuck them most about the experience, they were quick to answer how overwhelmed they were by the emotion of the ceremony and the sincere love they felt for each other and from their guests. 

Above all, they advised letting go of expectations so as to fully enjoy the experience. Oh, and to remember to thank everyone for being such an important part of their big day. 

But, their best piece of wedding advice: stay an extra day and enjoy the lazy river.