Would it that we could all hire Colin Cowie to design our big day, do it up with Eric Butterbaugh flowers and don an Isaia made-to-measure suit, but not all of us have the disposable income of an oligarch. 

Reality is though, one of Men's Vows favorite weddings was one at which the guests were actively involved in putting it together, much the way Todd and Nick did in this month's featured wedding.

At one of our favorite weddings, the groom and bride (we do attend all sorts of weddings!) invited people to their Saturday wedding starting on Wednesday. For those of the crafting persuasion, they were given tasks ranging from writing up place cards to tying bows around the chairs to arranging the flowers. Some, even, were set to the task of making the cake. The less crafty volunteered to put up the tent, lay down the dance floor and set out the tables. 

Getting to participate in the wedding planning, made for a meaningful bonding experience among the guests and between them and the couple. That bond was so strongly felt at the reception where everyone involved got to boast of their creativity and brawn! And, the bride and groom got to boast of the village that it took to plan their wedding, and the savings that that village made! 

When planning your "crowdsourced wedding" think of what your group of friends can offer you and ask that their contribution be their wedding gift to you. Work with your planner to let him or her know who is involved and how so they can coordinate logistics and planning. And, above all, make sure that you are excited about the unique riches that your friend's creativity and expressiveness will lend your big day!