When we think of summer weddings, we look forward to great outdoor destinations, dancing away balmy evenings and getting to rock a suit that'll knock people's socks off (were they actually wearing any)!

While the golden rules of dressing for a heterosexual wedding are to never wear white and to never upstage the bride, gay weddings have fewer "what not to wear" rules. It isn't as cut and dried as to what the grooms will wear! And, we've not yet met a gay couple who doesn't appreciate people turning up at their wedding as if they've just flown back from Pitti Uomo, the men's fashion shows in Florence. 

When it comes to selecting a summer suit, you're first priority is to be cool, followed quickly by staying cool. What should you wear to keep your cool? 

Doesn't get more straightforward than this: the good-old cotton suit. And, keep it simple when picking your cotton "whistle," as the Britons would say: select a color and a fit that suits you best. Don't get caught up in whether it is pique or percale. We cannot recommend the J. Crew Suit Shop enough for all of your suiting needs, especially for weddings. 

No fabric says summer quite like linen, so you cannot go wrong opting for this loosely woven fabric. And, buyer be warned: linen wrinkles the moment you put it on. BUT, we've never turned our backs on those stylish Italian gentlemen who, despite being rumpled to within an inch of a frat-daddy's laundry pile, still look beyond chic. Wear your creases like a man and don the linen for a summer wedding. Brunello Cucinelli is the epitome of Italian linen finery. Warning: sticker shock approaching.

Linen is to Italy as seersucker is to the States. If "fine gentleman" is the look you're after, then look no further than this light-weight, comfortable fabric. And, lest you think that seersucker stripes come only in blue and white, we've got a rainbow of options for you to embrace. Make your way to Sid Mashburn, the quintessential southern clothier, for your seersucker ensemble. 

You read that right. Wool is not just for winter, anymore! When it comes to a summer-weight fabric it is all about the tightness of the weave and the density of the fiber. And, while there's no need to get too technical, wool can be easy and breezy. Some designers use "fresco wool," others just call it "summer weight wool." Regardless, don't fear the wool as you can rock it at a summer wedding, at a spring cocktail and mix and match it for a fall day at work, too! Get thee to Gilt to scout for a great summer wool suit at a great price. 

Now, when it comes to color, we say go for it. For a summer wedding shove to one side all of your "I couldn't pull that off" reservations and bust through your sartorial limits.

And, if you're ever in doubt about how far you should go, simply call the grooms and ask! You'll know they'll say yes or, better yet say: "bitch, I am gonna steal your look!"