Weddings are expensive. Full stop. And, city wedding can offer up their own added expenses. Here are some:

Set Up an Event Code with Uber

Despite our recommendation to provide transport for your guests to the main events, make sure you shop around. Consider making an event deal with your local Uber to get a code that directs the charge back to you. This might be cheaper than renting buses that might go half empty when intrepid (or tardy!) guests head over on their own!

Landmark Costs

Some historic locales require added insurance, non-traditional event venues require additional staff and infrastructure, hotel venues are simply more expensive all around. Start your budgeting early with a seasoned wedding planner and make sure you are putting your money where it matters.

Head for the 'Burbs

Cities command a premium for everything: flowers, bakers, photographers, etc. So, get creative in how you “out source” some, if not all, of those “sticker-shock” functions. Might it be cheaper to hire a florist from a smaller town and have your arrangements transported in? Flying in a photographer from your home town could be cheaper than hiring a big-city, big-time lens-man. And, maybe there’s a baker among your ranks you could tap to bake for free as your wedding present.

What other creative ideas might you have for saving money on a city wedding?