Last month, we heard from Todd and Nick that they’d wished they’d stayed an extra day at their wedding. And, a few issues back we loved seeing Eddy and David joined by their friends on honeymoon. These two stories got us thinking: Why not pick your destination venue both for your wedding and your honeymoon!? Can you say trend alert!? (Go ahead: say it!)

Destination weddings take it out of a groom and a guest (or 100)! No sooner have you arrived for your three jam-packed days of love and drinks before you're hurled back into real life (guest) or packed off to your honeymoon (grooms). And, what you really want to do is take a beat to bask in the afterglow of a wedding weekend surrounded by the love of friends and family. So, why not turn your wedding weekend into a honeymoon week surrounded by the love of friends and family!

Behold!! The “weddingmoon”!!

When it comes to city “weddingmoons," these are about staying put in the city versus staying put on the property, as you would at a resort destination. Many of the hotels we feature in our favorite North American City Wedding Venues article fit the “weddingmoon” bill perfectly.

Sun setting on the infinity pool at Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort

Sun setting on the infinity pool at Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort

But, speaking of perfection, one new destination we think ideal for a “weddingmoon” is the Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort, in Los Cabos, Mexico. Stunningly renovated in the last year, the Hilton Los Cabos features all of the amenities you’d need for a dream wedding and all of the activities you’d want for a dream honeymoon. And, most importantly, they hold the Gay Wedding Institute’s Marriage Equality Certification, making the Hilton the most gay-friendly destination in Los Cabos.

On the wedding side of the aisle, the Hilton offers a range of wedding packages, catering options from their six gourmet restaurants, 375 guestrooms and a “one wedding per day” policy. And, on the honeymoon side of the aisle, you have Eforea Spa’s couples treatments, whale watching and sea turtle protection expeditions, hiking, zip-lining, golring and lounging at the Las Vista Club Suites, exclusive for honeymooners. And, no matter if you're there for your wedding or your honeymoon, the Hilton offers some of the most outstanding beaches on, and views of, the Sea of Cortes.


Men's Vows has traveled extensively in Mexico and we can vouch there is nothing like Mexican hospitality. So the idea of selecting Mexico and, more specifically, the Hilton Los Cabos is an idea we are whole-heartedly behind. Why wouldn't you want to enjoy both the hospitality and beauty of this amazing place for your big day and your long week(s)? Make the most of your planning and travel efforts and stay put, stay longer and stay with friends and family on your “weddingmoon!"!

Tell us in the comments section below where you'd like to spend your "wedding moon!"