In this day and age, anyone with a smartphone could turn out to be a pretty fine photographer, Instagram filters notwithstanding. 

And, in this day and age, anyone with a smartphone will be using it to photograph your wedding. So why not get the most out of all of your wedding guest photographers using a site like Eversnap?!

Eversnap gathers all of your wedding's photos and videos - those taken by guests and "hashtagged" across social media - and centralizes them on one site. Unlike some other tools, you don't have to download an app and if you're at some fancy destination where roaming fees apply, you don't even have to be connected to get the photos flowing! 

One fun feature is having Eversnap moderate the live photo stream at your reception so that all guests can see the outstanding photos as they're being taken.

One of Eversnap's newest services is providing top-notch photographers to capture the "formal" shots of your wedding. They are swiftly becoming the one-stop-photo shop. 

Eversnap is just one of many photo services available for your wedding. Huffington Post has a great feature on others. Check it out here