Let's talk turkey here: we've never quite understood the heterosexual wedding ritual of tossing the bouquet and garter. Singling out the singletons and lining them up in a firing line of flowers and lace seems a bit, well... brutal!

What we do completely understand is the sentiment behind the tradition: wanting your friends to experience the love you've just celebrated finding with your husband. 

But, for those grooms who want to include this ritual in their ceremony, what are two bouquet-and-garter-less grooms to do when it comes time for the toss? We've got some suggestions. 

Toss your boutonnieres and pocket squares 

Fashion your own sort of bouquet and garter by attaching your boutonnieres to each other and then tying your pocket squares together. You'll probably need to weight the silk squares with a handful of rice or some such item. 

Make it a lottery

Another approach to creating a new couple from among your guests is to affix a note from you and your husband with your wishes for a loving and lasting relationship. Have the caterers hide the notes under the dinner chargers or under the dining chairs. Two lucky people will be the recipients of your well-wishes and, maybe, even each other. 

Have a laugh

If you and your husband have a sense of humor, why not just get a bouquet and a garter and toss them as couples have done forever and a day?! Men are known to wear a garter every now and then! 

We'd love to hear your ideas for a new bouquet and garter toss! Post your thoughts on our Facebook page or even leave a comment here.