...Or at least it is when it comes to weddings.  Our amazing wedding planning guru, Jason Mitchell, shares the following pointers to make yours the ideal fall wedding. 


Couples are flocking to this season for the many perks it offers.  One is the weather.  Fall offers you a break from the summer humidity where you drip in your tux, not to mention you’ll have less frizz in your classic coif. It’s also before winter which can be a bit too cold for some and comes with notorious weather related travel delays for your guests.  Fall is also not nearly as rainy as summer, so if you’re in an area that isn’t too cold, you can save on that Plan B Tent with a better guarantee for the outdoors.  


And speaking of outdoors, the color palette that mother nature serves during fall can be breathtaking. The backdrop for your portraits can be the beautiful change in leaves.  But I advise letting the autumnal inspiration to come to live in what’s served on the table rather than what's decorating the room.  This time of year yearns for treating your guests to fire pits with smores stations, indulgent ciders, and all the rich pumpkin and butternut squash you might want incorporated into your menu. However, too many pinecones and pumpkins can quickly turn a farm table into something fit for pilgrims.  Don’t be afraid of using a more traditional wedding color palette and letting mother nature smile at you in the background.  


Fall can also be peak tourist season for certain parts of the country, so be conscious about abnormal traffic related to wineries and estates. There are also many holidays in the fall to be aware of.  The Jewish High Holidays can be a conflict for your guests of that faith, and many venues will be decorated the entirety of October for Halloween.  Be sure to investigate so you’re not surprised if the hotel lobby is draped in cobwebs and spiders!