The wedding ring symbolizes a couple's commitment for each other and their desire to make their relationship ever-lasting. But, lord knows there is no end of man who has accidentally lost this symbol of forever. 

So, what's a guy to do if forever is the plan, but the bling is fleeting? 


More and more, guys are opting to tattoo their wedding rings directly on their fingers. A tattoo offers the permanence, without the risk of loss, and an infinite variety of design and messaging options. And, for the more economical of the bunch, tattoos are definitely more accessible than say diamonds and platinum. 

There are those who simply tattoo a band around their finger. Others make their names and wedding dates an integral part of the design. Yet others opt for a graphic that they find appealing. And, then there are those who forego the finger altogether and opt for emblazoning a tattoo on another part of their body.

Some things to be aware of: ring tattoos will fade over time, so the tattoo artist is going to go deeper with your ink. Depending on the design, make sure you find the artist most able to create the design. Words and numbers are particularly challenging so find someone who is skilled at print and print at small scale. And, while a ring tattoo can run between $50 and 150, removing it can run upwards of $400. So, you better mean it when you say "I do" with ink! 

Now, needless to say, you aren't going to have your tattoo artist up at the altar with you, your best men and officiant toiling away for hours. So, you can still experience the ritual of exchanging rings along with your vows and head to the tattoo parlor afterward or, maybe even as a 1st anniversary gesture.