It is time to get your wedding grub on! Like we mentioned in our article on the fall trends in sips and quaffs, what you serve at your wedding should be everything you love to eat. And, it should be the best possible version of that which you love. So, your mac-n-cheese should be one for the ages or your caviar stuffed potatoes should leave you ecstatic. Weddings are ultimately all about indulging in love, celebration and food!

And, for those of you who want to get your foodie on and try the latest top chefs are putting on the plate, here are our favorite fall food trends:


Funny to think of this staple of life being a trend, but it is! Chefs are serving up soups that range from a comforting classic like tomato, to an unexpected regional like pho, to the delicately refined like a bisque. And, best yet, is when chefs whip up duos and trios of soup to give you a twirl round a wolrd of delicious flavor profiles.



Foods from far-flung places are landing on wedding buffets and plates this fall. Moroccan cuisine is particularly big this season for being a combination of incredibly elaborate and deliciously comforting. But, the very adventuresome are opting for Filipino, regional Chinese, traditional Mexican (can you say taco bars and trucks?) and, for the super intrepid, even Nigerian!

moroc trend.jpg


Before you drop the ladle, pasta has never gone out of style. Ever. But, let’s face it, the gluten free and carbophobes among us have definitely put the brakes on over-serving pasta anytime, but especially at a wedding. However, with the range of delicious non-gluten based pastas and our new-found love for caccio e pepe, there are some really extraordinary ways of making pasta the best you’ve ever had, and then some.

pasta trend.jpg

Classic desserts

For our regular readers, you know how we feel about fancy fondant cakes, so we are thrilled with this trend. Welcome back the ice-cream sundae and the classic bakery items we’ve grown up loving: hand pies, normal pies, choclolate cakes, donuts, cookies and more. If there is any “trendy” spin to be put on these it is that bakers are leaning into alternative flours and sugars and keeping things small! Miniature everything is what you’ll see on dessert tables this fall.

cakes trends.jpg


Again, not a trend in our eyes, but folks are getting really creative with water bars and infused waters at weddings. We are talking chlorophyll water, cactus water, birch tree water and even the classic rose water, which might be attributed to the Moroccan menu. 

water trend.jpg

Now that you've said I do, I do, I do, it is time to say nom, nom, nom.