Italy has long been an epicenter of historical sites and culinary classics.  The entire country offers an extraordinary journey of culture, good taste and antiquity.  It is so easy to want to return to our favorites of Rome, Venice, and of course Florence, we sometimes forget that each corner of this enchanting country offers new sites, experiences and treasures that demand to be discovered.


Please allow us to introduce you to one of your next favorite destinations, Turin and the Langhe region.  In the northern, most western part of Italy, you will find the first capital of Italy, with its’ impressive palazzo’s, stately baroque architecture, gorgeous people, and home of the winter Olympics in 2006.  This off-the-beaten-path destination was once the center of European political power, established by the House of Savoy.  Today you will find a progressive and young community, with a thriving economy, modest sensibility and active lifestyle.  Fueled by thousands of university students, a thriving art scene, and a deeply seeded attitude of inclusivity and respect for both residents and visitors, Turin has become the center of gay rights for Italy.


This city is much more than a visit to a visit to the Holy Shroud, an afternoon at the largest Egyptian museum outside of Cairo, or the religious experience that comes from sipping an espresso and savoring the local mouth-watering chocolate in a sidewalk café apart from any of the crowds typically found in most European cities.  It is the feeling that comes from strolling through an ancient shopping arcade where a Starbucks, chain retailer or even souvenir shop are visibly absent.  It is that feeling you get when you know you’ve gotten there first, and wonder why everyone else on their Summer holiday hasn’t discovered it as well?  Turin allows you the rare opportunity to feel less like a tourist and more like a traveler. 


If Turin is your appetizer to a new and exciting region of one of our favorite countries, the Piedmont and Langhe area are the main course.  Whether you favor Barbaresco or Barolo, truffles or tortellini, the Lunge area is a culinary mecca that rivals any other.  Here among the carefully cultivated rolling hills of vineyards, interrupted by medieval castles and fortresses, the pleasures of the palate are spiritual experiences. 


A long-time favorite of European connoisseurs “in-the-know”, the region delivers an unexpected range of discoveries from intimate cooking classes to dining in a Michelin Star restaurant in a 17th century castle.  Each turn of the wheel as you test-drive the latest Lamborghini through the winding country roads and endless fields of hazelnuts, unveils a new encounter of artisanal traditions that respects the land and the vine dating back to Roman times. 


From the charming Langhe & Roero to Monferrato these UNESCO World Heritage sites provide a sensory explosion that can be revealed as slowly as wine ages or as quickly as a great meal is remembered.  Both Turino and the Langhe & Roero regions are the perfect destinations for a wedding, honeymoon or holiday you will never want to end. 

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