When making sartorial choices for your European-inspired wedding, you could turn to national costumes for cues on how to dress, but those might make for some regrettable photo ops. Lederhosen are best left for Oktoberfest. 

However, one can lean into certain national "style vibes" for inspiration on what to wear on your big day. Check these looks out: 


The Brits always know how to turn up the formality and nothing says elegance quite like the traditional English morning jacket. And despite all the layers here, this is decidedly a daytime look. 


The best way for defining Italian style is sprezzatura which is roughly translated to "studied nonchalance." Italians have a way of wearing the most elegant of clothes and still making them look casual, fun and perfect no matter how colorful, wrinkled or tight-fitting! 


The French are simply badass when it comes to looking cool and couture at the same time. Perhaps it is their version of sprezzatura but Frenchmen know how to rock the heights of fashion and always look uniquely stylish. 


What we love about Spanish style is that it is all rough-and-tumble manly. There's a devil-may-care spirit to Spanish fashion whether they are decked out in swim togs or wedding threads.