We've never believed wedding days, milestones & hallmark holidays are the only times deep intimacy should be shared among partners. A long lasting love requires work. It requires showing up for one another every day. It asks for a meaningful connection that must be nurtured throughout time, not just when the 'mood' strikes. Bring profound intimacy back to your relationship with these simple tips! 

Practice Touch

The 'honeymoon' days are filled with constant touching, loving & most likely hours spent in the bedroom. But here's the thing, touch matters most when times get hard, when your relationship is tested & when you witness your partner in their worst light or darkest hour. It's been proven that 'touch practice' can help lovers fight through those hard days, making them more intimate and understanding even when it feels impossible. Practice touch by spending a couple minutes each day simply holding each other, or even sitting silent hand in hand. It might sound a little silly, but when touch becomes routine it's harder for couples to drift apart during trying times. It's a primal part of humanity - touch makes us feel the love.

Quality Date Nights

There's nothing wrong with spending date nights at home, but are you really igniting the spark between you & your man on those evenings a la humble abode. We don't doubt the flame can burn cozied up under the covers, but how can you increase the intimacy factor? We've got some ideas. During the work week, pass your partner a 'sex coupon'. Think about what they might want, or even what might surprise them. This will create curiosity & wonder, similar to the earlier days of dating when there's still elements of mystery. Consider a gourmet dinner in bed. Blind fold your partner & have them guess what you've prepared. Now you've taken a normal routine of dining-in & made it something more intimate and special.


Nowadays were so consumed in our technology, a simple 'I love you' text can go unnoticed amongst daily emails, social media feeds & the dreadful news notifications. As a society, it's become harder to listen because the outside world has created so much noise. Writing letters to one another each month is a way to silence the chaos & tune into each other's words. It's a place to express fears, hopes & dreams with one another without any disturbances. Letters create a way to be heard. Tap into the most vulnerable sides of your heart and release them into the letter each month. You may be surprised by what your partner has to say back. You may be shocked by the way he opens up. Your very own words may shed some new light on the one you love most.