As we come off our Rocky Mountain high from last month’s issue, we’ve been thinking about unique summer wedding ideas. And, one that keeps coming to mind is the idea of a wedding camp.

Now before you start picturing a Christopher Guest movie, what we’re dreaming up over here at Men’s Vows is the idea of combining your wedding with a camping trip. Imagine your nearest and dearest heading into the wilderness to see you wed the man of your dreams! 

This can be about putting the glam in glamping or keeping it simple with pitched tents and fire pits. But, the point is to create a really intimate experience in the vast expanse of nature. And, not only having those who matter most to you with you, but also having them help you create the whole experience. 

We recently attended a wedding hosted at the groom’s family cottage resort in Nantucket. Guests were invited early in the week to stay in the cottages and, with each other, put together the wedding. From setting up the reception tent, to making the place cards, to picking and arranging the flowers, everyone had a hand in making the event special, not to mention really creating a strong community around the couple. We’ve not come away from a wedding with more real, new friends. 

Having shared that story, perhaps the idea we are getting after is as much about pitching tents (har-har) as it is about finding a cabin resort (or similar experience) where all can come together, work together and “wed together?” And, hey… maybe even honeymoon together?! If this tent is rocking…

We really cannot imagine a more exquisite wedding experience than one where all you have to do is bring the love and the ‘smores!