It is hard to believe that home design sources are already making predictions for 2018, but they are! So, for those of you moving in together for the first time or updating the home you’ve built over years, here are some of the looks to consider for your “home chic home.”


It is all about adding a sense of structured rhythm and rigor to your home or to a particular room. Whether you use geometric patterned wallpaper for an accent wall or whole room, unique tile pattern for the bathroom or backsplash or start small with accent pillows or throw blankets, geometric patterns add structure and order to space.

For the pros out there, place with different geometries at different scales.


Beyond the wood plans on your floors, there is a trend towards integrating natural wood throughout your home. Butcher block counter tops, wood-planked ceilings or walls (you know like Joanna Gaines’s beloved shiplap) or significant pieces of barely treated wood furniture, natural woods are coming on strong.

It is important that the grain of the wood be the featured feature of the treatment or piece in question. One wants to appreciate the texture and color of the wood, with minimal “outside intervention.”



By way of compelling contrast to the natural wood, metallic and reflective surfaces are a great option and big trend. Highly polished or mirrored surfaces for items like coffee tables, sideboards, bedside tables, backsplash tiles and even, hand painted accents, add just that right touch of bling or “Jetsons” to any room.

The pro tip is mixing and matching these sleek finishes with rougher hewn elements.


Faded and delicate is out, saturated and bold is in, when it comes to color. Deep jewel tones and statement pieces in extreme colors (safety orange, anyone?) are turning up in the chicest of rooms. Some people are opting for these colors to materialize in art pieces, kitchen cabinets, entry tables and especially powder rooms or closets. Smaller rooms can definitely take the intensity of a bright color given your stay in the is usually a short one, but for the intrepid out there, we say bring your canary yellow or Yves Klein blue to your bigger entertaining spaces, too.


Tassels aren’t just for loafers. We are seeing fringe dangling off of lampshades, ottomans, blanket edges and statement pillows. And, we are seeing fringe range from a traditional cording all the way over to an exotic feather. Trimming major pieces of furniture or major accents adds a sense of dynamism and movement to your living room, study or bedroom.